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Life has been amazing and I can tell that 2014 is going to be a crazy year! I am about to head out to NEW YORK CITY for the first time in my life! I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to stay in Long Island for 3 months during the summer, exploring the city, playing music, making videos, writing songs, and experiencing a completely new type of "island" life that I'm not so used to compared to growing up in Hawaii. This is an exciting adventure because I know that I will get so much inspiration from just being in a completely new environment. I hope to eat some really good food, make some new friends, SHOP more than I can ever imagine, buy new heals, wear lipstick and paint my finger nails, ride in a horse carriage, walk down the sidewalk singing with my guitar, sing in the subway, do a music video, take some fun photos, work a lot, watch the 4th of July Fire Works, and definitely write some new songs for 2014! Stayed tuned for new videos. Please follow me on Facebook @SEBRINABARRON and "LIKE" my page. Thank you!